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Recently I was working on a XCART project where the client need to add tax rate for all the products. It took me so much time to sort this problem fixed. But in the end I fix it. So I just want to share this vital post on XCART taxes settings.


define taxes for products, go to the administration area of your XCART-PRO store, under Shippings and Taxes you see taxes tab. After clicking on the taxes, tax details page will open up, where you can add Tax Service Name, display name, apply tax to and rates depends upon.

If you want tax to be applied to subtotal, then select ST(subtotal) from the dropdown and click add next to it. If you want it the combination of two say for example ST SH, then first select ST click add, click and then justin-bieber-news.info AND SELENA LOOKALIKE AT MOVIE DATE?These links show that it’s very obvious that Asians can read minds!!!. click SH to create a formula. Then the tax will be added to the sum of sub-total and shipping cost.

The last option tells how you want the taxes price and total price to be displayed. Check the option which you want for your store. When you click save button, the tax details are saved. After saving you can see the message in a braces after tax name (0 rate defined). You can view the xcart-taxes admin screen.

If you are using XCART-PRO, then here comes the problem, from where to add the tax rates for the products. In XCART-PRO administrator cannot define tax rates. The tax-rates are defined by the provider of the store. So login with your provider account, and add tax rates from there. Under shipping and taxes tab, click tax rates. Here you can define tax rates.
You can add tax rates in two ways:

  • Defining tax rates in fixed amount.
  • Defining tax rates in percentage.

Click apply selected taxes to all products, if you want the tax rate to be applied to all the products.
Now go to the administrator account again and select the tax rate which you have just created in the provider account. In this way you can define tax rates for the products.

If your XCART store is used world wide, then you can also set different taxes for the different countries customers. Create different destination zones for each country where you want the different taxes to be applied.
In this way you can add add taxes and rates to the XCART store products.

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