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PHP web development

What does the future hold for PHP web development? PHP is one of the most versatile

Resize image to specific dimensions using php

What is GD Library GD Library is PHP lilbrary which help us to manipulate images using

Transfer data to https (Secure) url using PHP CURL

What is curl and php-curl? Curl is library and command line tool, which allow transferring data

AJAX file uploader

In this post I am going to create a AJAX File Uploader. To create a pure

Drupal Hook System Part-II

In the previous article we have discussed about drupal hook System and how we use drupal

Introduction to Drupal Hook System Part-1

Drupal hooks allows module to interact with drupal core system. Drupal module system is based on

Basic Regular expressions to start with for the beginners.

Regular expressions are collection of characters and symbols. Regular expressions are a powerful way of retrieving

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