Some handy and time saving shortcut keys for Excel and Browsers

Some handy shortcut keys to be used in the browser and while working on excel to make your work faster.

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Some cool shortcuts to be used in the browser are :

Ctrl + j : This will open the download window in Mozilla firefox , google chrome and opera.

Ctrl + h : This shortcut key will open the history tabs. The list of all the url’s you visited.

Ctrl + shift+ del : This will ask you to delete the browsing history of the browser.

Ctrl + tab : This will toggle your tabs within a browser in the forward direction. You can switch to another tabs with this shortcut.

Ctrl + Shift +tab : Move backward through the tabs.

Alt + tab : This will switch between all the open items on your computer.

Ctrl + Esc : Display the start menu.

F10 key : Shows the menu bar in the active program.

Shift + F10 : Same as right click on any item.

Alt + space : Display the system menu for the active window.

F1 : Display Help.

Ctrl + Shift + t : Opens the recently closed tab in the browser.

Some shortcuts of Excel are:

Ctrl + ; : Displays the current date in the selected cell of the excelsheet.

Ctrl + Shift + ; : Displays the current time.

Ctrl + D : Fill Down ( Fills the selected cell with the exactly above cell value).

Ctrl + R : Fill Right (Fills the selected cell with the exactly left cell value)

Ctrl + G : Go to the specific cell.

F2 : Edits the selected cell.

Ctrl + Space : Selects the entire column.

Shift + Space : Selects the entire row.

Ctrl + 9 : Hides the selected row.

Ctrl + 0 : Hides the selected column.

Ctrl + B : Make the contents of the cell bold.

Ctrl + i : Make the content of the cell italic.

Ctrl + K : Opens a Insert Hyper link dialog box.


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