Google Plus Acquires Fridge! A threat to Facebook

Google Social Network Google Plus join hands with Fridge to turn up the heat on Facebook.
Fridge is a service that allows the user to create groups, invite friends for private sharing of photos, videos, and conversatio

ns. Fridge has announced on its blog that it has been acquired by the Google and will be used in the Google Plus for sharing. First the fridge company announced their users to download their data on their blog on tuesday . But later it was extended to 20th August.

Initially four person from the Fridge company will work on the Google Plus from New York. After that in August they will relocate to Mountain View, Calif. Fridge founder Austin Chang told SAI that so many companies shows interest in Fridge, but they have decided to go with Google Plus as “Fridge fits Perfectly with Google Plus”. We are going to help them create shared spaces.

Here’s what the Fridge company has written in their own blog:

  • We are pleased to announce that the Fridge team will be joining Google!
  • It has been an amazing ride developing Fridge, but most important, we are very thankful to our enthusiastic community of users. We strongly believe in the group social experience, and we couldn’t think of a better place to realize our vision of bringing the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to the Web than as part of the Google Plus Project.
  • Fridge is closing up shop — the team will be folded into Google Plus, where we’ll continue some of our efforts. We heard you loud and clear over the weekend, so we’re expanding the time during which your Fridge data will be available for offloading. While you will no longer be able to post anything new to Fridge, you will still be able to download and save your data until Saturday, Aug. 20, at 6 p.m. EST. After that, in accordance with our privacy policy, we will delete all user data.
  • We look forward to continuing the vision of creating fresh and exciting social group experiences for users across the web.
  • Keep on keeping it fresh from Team Fridge, and see you on Google Plus.
  • Fridge will help Google Plus create new groups, bringing social network up to speed with what Facebook is already doing. Lets see how much this combination( Google Plus + Fridge ) harm the Facebook.

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