Drupal powerful module Panels Part-II

In the previous post of drupal panels we have discussed about Drupal Panels basic. What is drupal Panels and why we have to use drupal panels in website.

In t

his post we will discuss how to use Drupal Panels in your site

Step by step implementation of drupal panels

  1. Download panels module from drupal.org and enable it. (In drupal 7 Drupal panel is part of drupal core module. So you don’t need to download the separate module in drupal 7)
  2. Create flexible layout. To create flexible layout Go to site Building ->Panels->Custom Layout. Then click on “Add flexible layout Options”. Now fill all the fields and design Flexible layout as you need. Its little bit complicated to first time user but later its very easy.

    Click on the above image to enlarge.


  3. Now you can use this flexible layout in existing panels pages or you can create new online casinos panel page. To create new panel page Go to site Building->panels->Panel Page. Fill all the fields and click continue.
  4. In Second step of Panel page creation you have to choose layout. Choose Layout and click Continue. In next step fill CSS id and other required information and click continue.
  5. In the last step of page creation add content in the page and click finish to

    save the page.

How to add Content in Panel page

  1. To add content in the page click on setting like icon on left top corner and click on add content option
  2. After that a popup will be opened choose content and click add.
  3. After that it will ask to override title. Fill override title box if you want to override the title of content or block and click on finish.
  4. After adding content save the page.

In the next part of drupal panels I’ll discuss about selection rules in panels.


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