Choosing the Right Web Hosting for Your Website

Getting a website hosted online is not as simple as finding a web hosting company and paying for some bandwidth. Like most things computer-related, there are a lot of technicalities that go with it. A website has to know the specifics of the website he is thinking of building. This will help in deciding what particular web hosting service should be availed of. There are actually many kinds of web hosting. Each depends on the type of website, the features that it is going to contain, and the traffic that it is going to generate. The basic kinds are described below.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is good for people who are just starting out on building their websites. People who usually avail of this kind of web hosting are those who are creating personal sites, or small business sites. Multiple websites are stored in a single server, which means that the cost of maintaining the site is also shared by everyone.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is just the opposite of shared hosting. With this, the entire server is used by only one client. This makes it cost a lot more. However, it has advantages as well. The client who rents out the server will have much more control over it. This is much more suitable for those who want to build up large websites.

Blog Hosting

As the name suggests, blog hosting are for people who want to make their own weblogs. As these blogs do not usually take much space, blog hosting is generally provided as a kind of shared hosting. People who want to customize their blogs however can do better to choose blog hosting than just general shared hosting. This way, they will be able to avail of certain features that can

enhance their blogs.

E-Commerce Hosting

This particular web hosting is also a kind of shared hosting, but with a different target market. E-Commerce hosting is used on websites that sells products. By availing of E-Commerce Hosting, a website owner will be able to put in special features that make the buying process much easier. This is sure to increase traffic into the website and product sales as well, as people prefer to buy from websites that are easily navigable and can make shopping easier and more enjoyable.

Linux Hosting

This particular operating system had been growing in popularity for some years now and it has garnered a steady following among consumers. One of the advantages of Linux is that it is open source, meaning it can be downloaded and used for free. It allows the user to run various applications onto a website, such as MySQL, Perl, PHP, and XML. This gives the website owner more options regarding the building of the website, making it as simple or as elaborate as he wants it to be.

Unlimited Hosting

Unlimited hosting provides a website owner with unlimited resources. This means that he pays a fixed mount, no matter how much bandwidth, storage space, and the like he uses. This type of hosting is best for quickly expanding websites, because the owner is free to use as much resources as are needed, without worrying about having to pay for the additional usage.

Rose Caith is working on webhotel projects at Surftown.

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