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WooCommerce Adding Product Twice into Cart from URL’s Solved

I got same issue for one of my woo-commerce website so I have added hack to

WooCommerce simple Add to Cart from URL’s

http://example.com/cart/?add-to-cart=10159 Where 10159 would be product ID Water Filter W10295370A For better tasting water and ice,

Fullscreen Scroll Animation Slider

Now days most of the websites use fullscreen animation slider to showcase the feature of their

PHP web development

What does the future hold for PHP web development? PHP is one of the most versatile

Magento – A Perfect CMS for Building ECommerce Portals

Magento has proven to be one of the best web development systems for developing eCommerce websites.

10 Swift Ways to Improve your Marketing Skills

Improving your marketing skills on the web means that you will be expanding your companies popularity

How to Fix “On behalf of” in from field of email

While using php mail for newsletter or for any other emails, We see “On behalf of”

How to enable Gzip compression on apache and Nginx

What is gzip compression? Website gzip compression help to reduce webpage size and any other files

Enable Leverage Browser Caching on Apache and Nginx

What is leverage brwoser caching ? Everytime User open website, It has to download all the

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