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Stylize input type file using jquery custom plugin

Hi, all, after showing how to Stylize your checkbox using jQuery custom plugin and  Stylize your

Stylize your checkbox using jQuery custom plugin

Hi there, after showing you demo of how to Stylize your select box using jQuery, now

Stylize your select box using JQuery custom plugin

Hi all, Now days everybody wants to make his/her website to looks better. We can do

JQuery Star rating using radio buttons – makeItstar Plugin

Now days rating system is common in every website. Star rating looks good on website, Instead

Avoiding JQuery Conflicts with Other JavaScript Libraries

What is JQuery? JQuery is JavaScript library designed to simplify client site scripting of HTML. JQuery

Overriding Magento controller or Extend Magento core functionality

In Magento sometimes we need to customize Magento core functionality. Today I’ll show you how to

Background Music On/Off Icon for a website using HTML5 Audio and Javascript

HTML5 is the latest and fifth revision of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). As of now

Handling multiple checkboxes functionality with a single checkbox using jQuery

If you want to delete multiple records from a page at one click then, the best

jQuery Event Bubbling

There are two types of events. One is capturing model in which events can be propagated