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Five Reasons You Can’t Trust Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has branded itself as a staple among many individuals and businesses. Every day, people

Collection of 16 Free and Paid Real Time Web-Analytics Tools / Softwares

1. Google Analytics Google Analytics is the widely used web analytics solution that gives you rich

Choosing the Right Web Hosting for Your Website

Getting a website hosted online is not as simple as finding a web hosting company and

Integration of the Smartphone and the Smart Car

While some say that cars are today’s most social machines, others insist that phones take the

Background Music On/Off Icon for a website using HTML5 Audio and Javascript

HTML5 is the latest and fifth revision of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). As of now

Stylish Navigation Menu using CSS3 Multiple Background Images

CSS3 the latest version of CSS is the future of web. pharmacy mart CSS3 leads to

7 beautiful custom scrollbar Jquery Plugins

If you ever wants to show large amount of content in small area you need a

How to generate strong and yet easy to remember Password?

Password for any account needs to be stronger and hard to guess for anyone. So first

How to show animated loading gif image in Internet Explorer using Javascript?

Usually when a form submits it takes sometime to process the data and then return the

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