7 beautiful custom scrollbar Jquery Plugins

If you ever wants to show large amount of content in small area you need a scrollbar to show all the text. But sometimes your design doesn”t match up with browser scrollbar. In that case here is the list of the awesome custom scrollbar jquery plugins

you can look into it and choose one which suits you the best.

1. jScrollPane – cross browser styleable scrollbars with jQuery and CSS

jScrollPane is a cross-browser jQuery plugin by Kelvin Luck which converts a browser”s default scrollbars into an HTML structure which can be easily skinned with CSS.

jscrollpane slider demo on codeisnects.com


Custom scrollbar plugin utilizing jquery UI that’s fully customizable with CSS. It features vertical/horizontal scrolling, mouse-wheel support (via Brandon Aaron jquery mouse-wheel plugin), scroll easing and adjustable scrollbar height/width.


3. jScrollbar : make easily your own scrollbars for scrolling contents

4. Tiny Scrollbar

Tiny Scrollbar can be used for scrolling content. It was built using the javascript jQuery library. Tiny scrollbar was designed to be a dynamic lightweight utility that gives webdesigners a powerfull way of enhancing a websites user interface.

Tiny Scrollbar - Codeinsects.com


This plugin is an Or at least she does if you really consider Jerome Kerviel to be the poorest person in the world, and much poorer than any body cleansing trying to get by on less than a dollar a day. alternative to jScrollPane. Scrollbar Paper does not replace browser”s default scrollbar.
Instead, it covers it with a custom scrollbar, like paper on a wall: that is why it is called Scrollbar Paper.

Scroll bar Paper -Codeinsects.com

6. Infinite Scroll

Infinite scroll has been called autopagerize, unpaginate, endless pages. But

essentially it is pre-fetching content from a subsequent page and adding it directly to the user’s current page.

Infinite Scroll - Codeinsects.com

7. Scrollbar Plugin by Creamama

This plugin has only one purpose. That of creating a scrollbar in a desired item to display a content larger than that of visible space. It caters to those (and those) who do not want to see the scrollbar of the browser. Management Sroll wheel is also included in this plugin, but is deactivated.

Scrollbar -Codeinsects.com

I hope you enjoyed this collection of custom scrollbars. If you have more and I miss those, please add to this list through your comments. Cheers 🙂

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