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Stylize your checkbox using jQuery custom plugin

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Hi there, after showing you demo of how to Stylize your select box using jQuery, now I will show you how to stylize your checkbox. To stylize your checkbox, let’s start with html. Create simple html file and add jquery script on top of scripts file. like. 1 <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> My Checkbox 1 Already […]


Five Reasons You Can’t Trust Microsoft Word

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5 reasons you can't trust ms word

Microsoft Word has branded itself as a staple among many individuals and businesses. Every day, people use Microsoft Word to create important documents. While Microsoft Word has been around for years and is the primary go-to when document creation is needed, it is not the most beneficial or trustworthy software on the market today. Below […]


Choosing the Right Web Hosting for Your Website

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Choosing the right web Hosting

Getting a website hosted online is not as simple as finding a web hosting company and paying for some bandwidth. Like most things computer-related, there are a lot of technicalities that go with it. A website has to know the specifics of the website he is thinking of building. This will help in deciding what […]