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How to get base URL, Skin Url, JS URL, Media URL, Current URL in magento?

While working on magento themeing, we need to get some url(s) in temlate (phtml) file or

Magento Add CMS BLock to page using xml or phtml file.

While working on magento themeing, we want every block to be dynamic or editable from administrator.

Avoiding JQuery Conflicts with Other JavaScript Libraries

What is JQuery? JQuery is JavaScript library designed to simplify client site scripting of HTML. JQuery

Overriding Magento controller or Extend Magento core functionality

In Magento sometimes we need to customize Magento core functionality. Today I’ll show you how to

Magento Adaptive Resizing or Croping from center

Magento is very powerful e-commerce platform these days. When we think about any CMS or shopping