Stylize your checkbox using jQuery custom plugin

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Hi there, after showing you demo of how to Stylize your select box using jQuery, now I will show you how to stylize your checkbox. To stylize your checkbox, let’s start with html. Create simple html file and add jquery script on top of scripts file. like. 1 <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> My Checkbox 1 Already […]


Stylize your select box using JQuery custom plugin

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Hi all, Now days everybody wants to make his/her website to looks better. We can do almost everything with HTML/CSS to make website looks good. But there are still some html component, which we can’t stylize using normal CSS. Like We can’t change the look and feel of Select box We can’t change the look […]


Magento Adaptive Resizing or Croping from center

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Magento Adaptive resizing

Magento is very powerful e-commerce platform these days. When we think about any CMS or shopping cart, First thing comes in mind is theming any CMS or shopping. Magento theming is not really as hard as you think. Its little bit different from wordpress and joomla. In Magento theming, we always have to create product […]


Five Reasons You Can’t Trust Microsoft Word

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5 reasons you can't trust ms word

Microsoft Word has branded itself as a staple among many individuals and businesses. Every day, people use Microsoft Word to create important documents. While Microsoft Word has been around for years and is the primary go-to when document creation is needed, it is not the most beneficial or trustworthy software on the market today. Below […]